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Founded in 1986, we are the one-stop design and administrative solution. Our mission remains the same as over twenty years ago, to give clients the most comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective service possible.

Our Philosophy - We are a Third Party Administrator (TPA) who helps employers determine how to choose the right plan, the right investment vendor, and how to achieve the right plan design for the employer as well as the employees.

Vendor Choice - We work hand-in-hand and have contractual relationships in place with many top rated investment carriers.

Plan Design - We’ll design a plan that makes good sense for you, as well as the employees. Proper plan design will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars over time.

Plan Implementation - Your investment advisor or broker will guide employees through the sign-up process and will also act as the public relations team to promote the benefits of your plan.

Plan Communication & Education - After plan implementation, a pension plan will not run itself. In fact, this is where most plans begin to deteriorate. That’s why we and your Broker work hand-in-hand to continue promoting the benefits of the plan to your employees.

Plan Funding - After establishing your plan, employees can make voluntary contributions via salary reduction. If so desired, you can make a discretionary match and/or a profit sharing contribution.

Employee Eligibility - The plans eligibility can be designed to best fit your objectives. You eligible employees may enter the plan after meeting certain maximum time requirements which can be defined, such as: Attain age 21; Complete one year of service; Work at least 1,000 hours per year, etc.

Employee Tax Benefits - Employees pay no current income tax on their contributions, earnings, and company contributions. They do pay income tax on distributions at retirement.

Limits for 2006 - Employee Salary Deferral contribution for the 2006 plan year are limited to $15,000. However for 2005, participants over the age of 50 can make an additional annual contribution of $5,000. Participants may raise or lower their contributions on a quarterly basis or more frequently if allowed by the plan.

Small Plan Fee Schedule
Plan Design & Documentation (One Time) .... $480.00
Plan Administration (Annual) ………………..... $980.00

Annual Plan Valuation
Non-Discrimination Testing
Summary Annual Report (SAR)
Trust Account Reconciliation
Participant Statements
IRS Annual Form 5500 Return
IRS Form 5558 (Form 5500 Extension)
Per Participant (Annual) …………………....... $ 15.00

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