Companies employing 20 or more people on at least 50% of the working days during the preceding calendar year, are subject to Federal COBRA. Both full and part time employees are counted, regardless if they are insured under the company group plan. Employers have 30 days to notify the Plan Administrator (TPA) of a qualifying event.

COBRA LAW- It is the responsibility of the employer to notify both the employee and his/her spouse of their COBRA rights if a qualifying event occurs. Employees insured for even one day under a group health plan, are eligible for COBRA.
We offer a full-service solution that relieves you of the burden of compliance and administration. Don�t put yourself at risk! To keep you COBRA Costs and Claims to a minimum, we adjudicate eligibility timely and accurately. Every employee's information is stored in our system and we assume full liability for our work.


� Initial COBRA Notification to all employees;
� Qualifying event notice to employee and dependent(s);
� Monitor COBRA election periods;
� Monitor COBRA Participant�s time frames;
� Collect funds for COBRA monthly premiums; and
� Notify COBRA Participants of Conversion privilege.
� Initial Notification;
� Qualifying Event Tracking;
� Participant Report;
� Participant Premium Payment;
� Participant Payment Breakdown;
� Premium Reimbursement.


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